1. No leave application is granted except on previous written application from parents or guardians and only for valid reasons
  2. During school hours, no students is allowed to leave the class room without the permission of the teacher or until the class is dispersed. Written permission of Principal or Class Teacher is required for the student to leave the school premises during the school hours. Breach of this rule will invite serious disciplinary actions.
  3. It may be noted that children will not be sent home, even in an emergency, with anyone who come for them during the school hours without a written request from the parent or guardian.
  4. Attendance on the first day of the school is compulsory
  5. No pupil who has been absent from school or late will be admitted to the class without the Principal’s or Class Teacher’s signature.
  6. A child returning to school after an infectious disease must bring a doctor’s certificate permitting the ward to join the class.
  7. If the pupil is ill for more than three days, the parents or guardians must inform the school authorities and a medical certificate must be produced stating the period for which the child is likely to be remain absent.